You’ll be able to lift more weight with a conventional deadlift than a kettlebell deadlift or RDL. And the barbell deadlift variations work the posterior chain a bit more than a trap bar deadlift, which puts more work on the quads. The Romanian deadlift is like the conventional deadlift, except that instead of starting from the floor, you start from a standing position. And instead of lowering the barbell all the way down to the floor, you lower it until your hamstrings are fully stretched. And instead of bending your knees at the bottom, you keep them fairly straight. Because we aren’t setting the weight down, we need to support it with our muscles throughout the entire set.

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  • SS showed a significantly higher 1RM than SC, CS, and CC.
  • The following information can help indicate which one will work best for each person’s body type.
  • What’s more, no move unites all lifters, from bodybuilders and powerlifters to complete novices, like the deadlift.
  • Also, both have other name variations that all refer to the same form of deadlift.
  • Unlike most other exercises, you can’t cheat the deadlift by using momentum or having a spotter ‘assist’ you.

Deadlifts are a compound movement, meaning they use multiple muscle groups, joints and stabilizing muscles, in unison, giving you more bang for your buck when it comes to building more strength. To do sumo deadlift, because of foot placement you have to achieve good knee extension and best shoes for spartan race quads do that for your knees. For those concerned with general fitness and health, the Romanian deadlift should be included within training programs for many reasons. For one, it can increase resistance to a lower back injury . You’ll also add more muscle mass, and set a foundation for more advanced fitness programs involving running, jumping, and strength-based movements .

Start Position

Here you keep your legs almost straight while moving from the hips. This stresses your posterior chain more but limits how heavy you can go. Romanian Deadlifts are assistance for Deadlifts, not a substitute. Note that Powerlifting competitions don’t allow straps. Belts are fine because they don’t lift the weight for you.


Reverse hyper-extensions rotate the sacrum and traction the spine, making them a great rehabilitation exercise. Good mornings are primarily a lower back exercise but they also target the hamstrings. Partial deadlifts done off blocks are great for building lockout strength. The bands are actively pulling you down, which forces you to explode faster. When you attach bands to the bar, they reverse the strength curve by making the bottom easier and the lockout harder. Because of this, you’re limited by your posterior chain strength and lower back.

My workouts tend to revolve around heavy pulls from the floor and 2-3 rep sets are great “pillars” to build your 1RM on. Higher reps (4-6) are also effective and can be used to build up volume quickly when you are preparing for a meet but are further away. If you have never pulled conventional while standing on a 3-4” box or 100 plate, stop wasting your time reading stuff on the internet and go do these.

Romanian Dead Lift

An interesting observation here is that most athletes are able to lift a heavier weight in a trap bar than with a conventional barbell. The snatch grip deadlift can be performed for two reasons. When performing the snatch grip deadlift, athletes are either trying to improve their snatch strength and form, or they are aiming to limit the tension in their lower back. Tighten your back muscles, cores and quads, squeeze your glutes and keep your shoulders back. As we mentioned earlier, people who want to strengthen their quadriceps should do sumo deadlifts. F. Escamilla et al., vastus medialis and vastus lateralis get engaged much more during sumo variation of the deadlift.

This compound move helps to cultivate strength and muscle mass. There are many variations to this amazing exercise, such as the traditional deadlift, sumo deadlift, Romanian deadlift, stiff-legged deadlift, etc. The deadlift variation I’m addressing today is the Romanian Deadlift. It is performed by maintaining the legs more straight throughout the movement than the traditional deadlift. Romanian deadlifts can be performed bilaterally or unilaterally.

Back squats, front squats, wide stance , single leg, box squats, slow concentric, holds, etc. Tons of ways to do squats and get similar results. Place the barbell on the power rack and position the bar just under the knee. Stand in the middle of a loaded hex bar, keep the back straight, lock the eyes forward, place the feet shoulder-width apart, and let the arms hang at the sides. While keeping the back straight and eyes locked forward, slowly lift the barbell by straightening the legs and driving the heels through the floor. Stand upright in front of a loaded barbell with the feet wider than shoulder-width apart from each other, arms hanging down the center of the body, back straight, and toes pointed outward.

Which Deadlift Is Best?

If the bar swings too far forward, the line of pull shifts and you can pull your erector spinae or lower-back muscles. Make sure your shoulders are directly over the bar — not out in front — at the start, and engage your lats in the starting position to keep it close to your body. During this pause, imagine your glutes touching a post behind you and squeeze your glutes together as if you are grabbing something from the wall.

You’ll feel it more when your Deadlifts are heavy. Small palms and/or short fingers make it harder to hold the bar during Deadlifts. Your grip is less secure compared to Deadlifters with bigger hands like me.