Additionally, files up to 100 MB can be shared through WhatsApp, which is equal to iMessage. GroupMe, on the other hand, has a maximum message size of 50 MB. Because iMessage doesn’t play nice with other messaging apps, it immediately switches to the not-so-good-ol’ SMS message whenever it Whatsapp cannot use Apple’s protocol, turning chat bubbles from blue to green. There’s a social aspect to Dust, in which you can gain followers and send out blasts, but you don’t have to engage with any of that if you’re only interested in using its messaging feature. The bad news is that the platform doesn’t currently support video or voice calls—only texting and file sharing—which may be a deal-breaker if you want a more comprehensive service.

  • Since 2009, China has made efforts to block all of the major global social media platforms.
  • You can send any form of media or complete any kind of communication via WhatsApp for free as long as you and your recipient are both using wifi.
  • There are also other factors that can cause WhatsApp not to sync your contacts .

Zoom is a free HD meeting app with video and screen sharing for up to 100 people. This official ‘Lite’ Facebook Messenger app is designed to be more efficient with data and work in all network conditions, especially slower mobile connections. If a recipient chooses to report view once media, the media will be provided to WhatsApp. You can find out more about reporting messages on WhatsApp in this article.

They Locate A Truck Inside The Canal In La Higuerita, Culiacán; Emergency Services Arrive

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, and for a lot of good reasons – support for almost all platforms, stable handy features with voice/video calling, and steady updates. Not only can you chat with your loved ones, but you can also use WhatsApp to chat with yourself. You can simply install the ES-Explorer and share the link with your WhatsApp friends and other chat groups. If you want to learn method then follow the above step by step instructions. You can add more than 256 up to 10k by installing of ES-Explorer app and then set up as mention in the above method. Then you need to open your WhatsApp and share the add link with other chat groups and your friends on WhatsApp.

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Down Across Us, Europe

A better idea would be to removed the status feature entirely. It feels like a double dose of WhatsApp, and as it’s using a lot of data which is not good for users with low data in a month. Select the contacts with whom you wish to share status updates with. Don’t forget to hit the green checkmark on the bottom-right to confirm the changes. Finally select all the contacts you want to hide status updates from and hit the green checkmark on the bottom-right to confirm the changes. Follow the steps below to hide WhatsApp status updates from specific contacts on your device.

Only the whatsapp official app is working at the moment. @imsoumyarendra WhatsApp’s last service system update on Twitter is from February 2014 (@wa_status). The purpose of Cache in a device is to keep the track of frequently used data and information of an application. And when there are the files or data that are corrupted in the cache, this might raise the “Unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped” error.

Option 3  Send Multiple Messages On Whatsapp Web

Since 2018, that number has been growing at a rate of half a billion per year. The messaging application’s users are spread around the world, with it being available in more than 180 countries and in 60 different languages. If those customers do initiate contact with you, that conversation will stay live for 24 hours after their last message, free of charge. The app also guarantees a spam-free experience for customers choosing to contact businesses on it, which will allow them to feel safe using it to communicate with your business. In February 2014, Facebook acquired Whatsapp for a whopping $19 billion and left everyone wondering about such a valuation of Whatsapp. According toBuzzfeed News, Facebook thought Whatsapp to be its potential future competitor as it analysed it using its data analytics application – Onavo.

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