Antivirus software safeguards computers from malicious software (malware) threats, including viruses that steal information, worms that instantly attack the system and trojans which act as a platform for other payloads. Antivirus programs also protect against phishing attacks which are fake email links meant to steal passwords and account information.

The engines for detecting viruses are at the core of all antivirus software Some programs also include additional features that help keep you safe. These extras may include a password manager tools for performance optimization, as well as cloud storage, among other things. Many of the top antivirus programs offer support for a variety of devices and are designed to work with Android and iOS phones, too.

Norton 360 Antivirus Plus, one of our top antivirus software is a great option if you’re looking to secure multiple devices. It’s a dependable software that defends against all types of threats such as ransomware, spyware and file-infectors. It always scores top marks in lab tests by AVTest and AV-Comparatives. AVTest which makes it an excellent choice for safeguarding your Windows PC against malware.

Another excellent option is Bitdefender’s Internet Security, which has amazing malware detection capabilities and comes with a the most comprehensive collection of bonus features. This includes alerts for dangerous websites along with a password manager as well as a VPN. This program comes in three levels. One is free for one device and the remaining two are more basic and priced around the same amount as Norton’s most popular product.