The best torrent sites for music can provide an array of songs. This lets you make a diverse playlist of your favourite tunes and discover new artists. You should also look for sites that have frequent updates to keep its library current and up-to-date. The site should also be safe and free of pop-ups and malware ads. It is recommended to choose a site with a high ratio of leechers to seeders, so that you can download quickly the content you need.

Torrent9 offers an interface for users that is easy to use and allows you to download a vast selection of music files. This torrent site features a section specifically for music and is constantly adding to its collection of songs available. It also provides important information about each song, including its size and upload times. 1337X is another reliable music torrenting site that provides a comprehensive selection of popular songs. It also provides important information about every file, including the upload time, size, and name of the uploader. The site has a wide selection of torrents, including games, films, anime and many other popular files.

LimeTorrents is among the most well-known music torrenting sites. It has a huge library of music genres, ranging from the newest EDM and classic rock to heavy metal. The site is also renowned for its speedy download speeds, which makes it an excellent option for those who want to get the latest hits without paying for them.